• 2013 Carnival theme: ‘Celebrating Obama’

    2013 Carnival theme: ‘Celebrating Obama’

    Join Yaa Asantewaa Arts at Notting Hill Carnival with our 2013 theme, ‘Celebrating Obama’. A presentation following the heritage and extraordinary journey of the 44th US President. (See Gallery section) Purchase outfits – order early!

    Mas Camp: Join the makers July/Aug weekdays 10–8pm at Yaa Centre, 1 Chippenham Mews, London W9 2AN.

    Contact: 020 7286 1656, 07515 850 711 or admin@yaaasantewaa.com.

  • Posted by Ben on August 27, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    Dear asantewaa arts members,

    I don’t know anything about your association and inspirations for the future but Iam sure you will have a bright future.
    I would like to say thanks for giving an absolute/amazing atmosphere last few days during the Notting hill carnival 2013.
    Also I want to let you know that two of you asantewaa arts menbers are fantastics. Could you please pass the message to them and mention my name Ben Kanagaratnam (they’re Asians, Indian…).
    In future, if you need helps you’re more than welcome to ask me.

    Kind regards Ben.


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