• Carnival Zumba


    Carnival Zumba Fri 18:30 – 19:30

  • Over 50s


    Sewing club


    Carnival Crafts

    Knitting and Crochet

    Chair exercises

  • Special Needs


    Carnival Crafts

  • Drama


    Saturday School

  • Creative Writing


    Creative Writing Tue 18.30-20:00

  • Dance

    Choreography for Carnival

  • After-school


    Carnival Crafts

    Carnival Dance

    Caribbean Dance, Stories, Games/p>

  • Creative Carnival Arts

    Creative Carnival Arts

    A new programme of carnival arts workshops for adult and young people aged 12 and over. Creative Carnival Arts has been established for individuals and groups from educational, community, voluntary and social backgrounds. The workshops will cover many traditional art forms including wire bending, pattern development and costume making.

    Carl and Lynette Gabriel will be delivering these workshops and will occasionally invite other Carnival specialists to share their skills. Carl has created a new generation of 3D sculptures made from mild steel wire and will be sharing these skills with interested participants.

    We have undertaken exhibitions and similar workshops at various schools and universities in the UK and abroad as well as other institutions such as the Victoria and Albert Science Museum. We work to increase people’s knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of carnival arts. We work with teachers to deepen their understanding and help them to teach carnival arts, and with artists to enable them to work effectively in schools. We also work with schools and clubs so their staff and volunteers can offer carnival art activities to children.

    Additional carnival workshops will be provided by Claudia George who is an established visual artist and a specialist in the Batik artform. She has contributed her specialist skills as a batik artist, autographic and surface decorator, costume designer and technician to various local, national and international carnivals.

    To avoid disappointment, please contact us first for all classes to book your place.
    07515 850 711 / 020 7286 1656 / 07956 890 162